I’ve got my engineering degree, now what?

You’ve been studying hard for at least four years and now you’re the proud owner of an engineering degree. But what happens next? The logical step is to find a job, but what will you do and how will you do it? There are so many resources for finding a job that it can feel overwhelming, whilst many others don’t even realise what is available.

Graduate job search
If you’ve started your graduate job search, you’ll know that identifying suitable vacancies, sending off applications, and preparing for interviews can be a lengthy process. It can also be difficult to stay motivated if you’re getting rejections or struggling to find vacancies that fit your skillset. Thanks to our widespread contacts we offer graduates access to employers and exclusive vacancies. And signing up could be your ticket to a job offer.

What is an international recruitment partner?
Our job as an international recruitment partner is to help you go from an engineering graduate to the perfect candidate. We act as the middleman between job seekers and international employers. We work to find the most talented multi-lingual candidates to fill technical and engineering vacancies. We assist candidates in navigating the job market. And most importantly we give you access to jobs that aren’t advertised anywhere.

Why use an international recruitment partner?
First of all and most obviously, you have to be interested in starting your career abroad. At Spanish Professionals, we are specialised in placing multi-lingual technicians and engineers in a wide range of sectors and industry leaders. We have expert insider knowledge of the industry and know which client is recruiting for which skill set at any given time. This means your CV is presented to the right client which maximises your chances of getting a graduate job.

How does it work?
When one of our clients wants to hire someone, they provide us with a job description. We then use this description to search from our pool of candidates to match jobseekers to the vacancy, after which we draw up a shortlist. The client will then pick their preferred candidates from this shortlist, and ask us to coordinate the first round of interviews. Which will get you in front of the right people for the right job to launch your career.

How do I join Spanish Professionals?
You can browse the vacancies on our website and apply for a specific vacancy by uploading your English resume. But remember a lot of vacancies aren’t advertised, which means the smart thing to do is to just submit your English CV through our candidate portal. One of our recruiters will review your CV so make sure you’ve provided an overview of all your skills and qualifications. If we believe we’ll be able to assist you in finding your graduate job, we’ll get in touch with you for an informal interview.