Welcome to the Mechanic and Car Painter Recruitment Days!

You are just a few steps away from registering for the NEXT Mechanic and Car Painter Recruitment Days! On the 30th and 31th of April 2019 we will be conducting interviews for Car Mechanics, Truck Mechanics, Auto Body Mechanics & Car Painters! We have many jobs to fill in Holland and we offer very competitive salaries depending upon your skill level and experience. Submit your resume today and get selected for an interview and find your dream job in Holland!

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for talented and experienced Car Painters and Truck, Car and Auto Body Mechanics with an understanding of the English and/or German language to work in the Netherlands.

How it works

jobs mechanical industrial electrical engineers

Register by submitting your resume today! Don't forget to send us a copy of your mechanic or car painter's diploma! One of our recruiters will then contact you!

Job Description

jobs mechanical industrial electrical engineers

As a truck or car mechanic making small repairs or diagnosing malfunctions, but also major challenging technical repairs, are familiar territory for you. As an auto body repair technician you know how to repair or restore damage to vehicles from aligning auto chassis, removing dents to replace damaged parts. As a car painter you have considerable knowledge of the methods, tools and equipment used in automotive painting, paint mixing and painting equipment maintenance. You have fun every day at work with your colleagues. In addition, you are attentive to the customers and you are happy to explain the repairs and maintenance of the car or truck.

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