5 Reasons why finding an engineering job through a Dutch recruitment company in Spain is good for your resume

The benefits of working in Holland cannot be disputed and finding an engineering job through a Dutch recruitment company in Spain could be that little extra something that will help your career take off. Here are 5 reasons why you should submit your resume today:

1. You’re more valued by employers
Employers are always looking for candidates that stand apart from the crowd, and this is exactly what a Dutch recruitment company in Spain could do for you. Any prospective employer would be intrigued by the fact that you were employed as an engineer in Holland and would like to learn more about you. International experience shows future employers that you have what it takes to step out of your comfort zone, that you can think outside the box, that you are open to new experiences, that you can are flexible and independent because you have a proven record of being able to adapt.

2. Being a multilingual engineer gets you noticed
The more languages ​​you know, the more valuable you are to a company. That’s because companies know that the secret tool to building foreign relationships in today’s competitive market is multilingual employees. Being able to communicate on an advanced level in two or more languages gives you an edge over monolingual candidates in job interviews. Don’t forget; to work in Holland as an engineer you have to have professional proficiency in English. Add to that your native Spanish and maybe learning Dutch while working in Holland and it will put you ahead of the competition. It might also just get you that job you’ve always dreamed of.

3. Beginning your career abroad is always perceived positively
If you’re lucky enough to find a job in Holland immediately after completing your studies, working abroad will yield you more in wisdom and experience than if you had stayed at home. And if you decide to return to your home country your experience abroad will be perceived just as important as anything you had ever studied. It’s also important to point out that employers are looking for experienced individuals and if you can find a job in your industry abroad you should definitely jump at the chance as most of your competition will not have that same experience. It will open opportunities for you that you wouldn’t have had without it.

4. Better development of your skills
One of the most common problems young graduates have to deal with is that they lack opportunities to gain work experience. As the Dutch recruitment company in Spain, we know that international experience is one of the qualities companies look for when hiring engineers. Companies are interested in candidates with experience abroad because it mainly leads to better development of skills and attitudes. The work experience you attain working abroad could be ten times more valuable than if you had remained in Spain.

5. It expands your professional network
Next to knowledge, one of the biggest tools engineers have is their professional connections. Not only can they put in a good word for you when you are applying for a position, but they can also inform you about vacancies and opportunities when they are available. An international network is even stronger as it allows you to make the most of career opportunities not just back home, but in other countries as well.

Just imagine what it would mean for your career if, for example, you worked at one of the international locations of the company you’d like to work for back home. Not only will you have the necessary experience, but you could also use your connections to get ahead of other candidates.

After your Dutch engineering adventure, you will come home with an open mindset, a broader skillset, and a resume that will get you noticed by future employers. Ready to get started? Submit your English resume today!