Working abroad as a Field Service Engineer

Working and living abroad as a Field Service Engineer can be one of the most exciting experiences to help grow and shape your career. Not only are you going to be working for a new company, but you are also moving to a new country leaving behind life as you know it. Sure there’s the added pressure of having to adapt to a new way of life. And this may be worlds apart from the one you knew at home.

While our Field Service Engineer jobs can enable you to travel and explore the world as you work, this could also require you to adapt to somewhere new on a fairly regular basis. But you’re an engineer which means you are uniquely equipped to keeping an open mind. You’re not put off by challenges and always willing to learn. You can see it as an opportunity to explore different parts of the world and a new way of life. Here are a few easy steps you can take to make the transition easier:

Do your research
While we mostly work with international-minded companies whose main language is English, there is likely to be a language barrier, especially when you leave the workplace.

The culture might also be different than what you are used to. What tends to be “normal” in one country might not be acceptable in another. For instance, how do people communicate with each other? Is non-verbal communication important? For example, in some cultures, non-verbal communication plays an important role not only in business but also in your daily interactions with others from facial expressions to eye contact and common hand gestures. Doing your research on these differences will put you ahead of the game, especially in your work environment.

Don’t make assumptions
Sometimes, when dealing with cultural differences it is easy to misinterpret someone else’s behavior or intentions. Listen, we’ve all been there! So, when you find yourself in a weird (to you) situation with behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, try to avoid making immediate assumptions. Mostly, it’s just a lack of understanding and it mostly just breeds unnecessary conflicts. Instead of assuming why someone behaved or responded in a certain manner, first seek to understand by just asking for clarification. Just because it is different from what you are used to, does not make it wrong.

Be open-minded
You know already know that having an open mind and a positive attitude will take you far in life. And especially when working abroad and living away from your family and friends it’s a good skill to have if you ever feel challenged or lonely. It’s also important to keep in mind that adapting to a new culture and work environment does not always happen overnight. Just be open and willing to understand why certain things are done in a certain culture. Being open helps to make the experience and process a lot easier. And in your free time, you get to explore your new surroundings. You can interact with locals, learn the language, and go to social or cultural events.

We’ve got your back
No matter what type of Field Service Engineering job you are looking for, be that a job where you are home for dinner most nights or traveling the world 70% of your time, you can be safe in the knowledge that you aren’t making such a huge move on your own. We make it as easy as possible for you through our relocation program that ensures that international Field Service Engineers are fully supported in the move to and integration in their new country of residence. Submit your resume today!