How to get that Engineering job after you graduate

As an engineering student you work hard to get good grades and to pass every exam. All that hard work has to pay off. But even though you have applied to multiple jobs, you might not be getting the interviews for the job that you want. So why are you having a hard time getting a job as a new engineering graduate? Well, obviously because you haven’t registered and submitted your resume to Spanish Professionals, but enough of stating the obvious. Let’s look at the advice we have for you on getting an engineering job after you graduate:

# 1 Start today!

You want to begin as soon as possible. Use the time you have in college efficiently to build up your resume. Which is not only about getting good grades, it is also about getting in some internship work experiences. A good thing to keep in mind when looking for your internship opportunities is to focus on what you would like your career to look like. Need inspiration? Ask! Consult someone who currently holds your dream position or has that career in a company you admire. Learn from their career experience and emulate their steps.

# 2 Skills are teachable

We all know that companies look for those vital experiences before they hire someone. About half the applicants for engineering jobs lack skill experience. Which of course is totally logical, even if you’re a graduate who has done internship work. But ask yourself: do companies hire new engineering graduates every year? Yes, they do. Do all new hires have internship experience? No, they don’t. So what will get you hired if you’re missing skill experience? Enthusiasm…it gets you hired. Companies will invest in a person with a great attitude and they will teach you skills. Which brings us to advice # 3…

# 3 Have a great attitude

So apply for engineering jobs that match the vision you hold for your career, even if you don’t have all the required experience.  Research the companies you want to work for. Be interested by what they do and how they do it. Because when you can tell a prospective employer why you want to be a member of their corporate team, you have an opportunity to grab their attention and gain their interest. It’s a great way of show casing your enthusiasm.

Take a look at our job board, register with Spanish Professionals by submitting your resume (even if you haven’t graduated yet) and let us help you get hired. Which means you can begin your career (not just an engineering job) after graduation.